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  • Under impetus of “Golden Security Project”, China’s social security makes new breakthroughs year after year. Especially since 2008, Social Security System has achieved rapid development in China.

  • Observing a standard, working towards an objective, winning a trophy and entering an industry …… These few words depict the growth or development pace for the majority of enterprises in the fast-developing market. However


  • Filipe Mello is the Deputy General Manager for AMEA at Watchdata Technologies, responsible for the definition and implementation of the business strategies in Americas, Middle East, Europe and Africa. He is the main contact for the international partners and customers, playing a lead role in the creation of value for the different product divisions. With a very diverse profile, he is leading various initiatives in the smart card industry.

  • .In what kind of way do SPS expand business in Asia, especially in China? By your own branch office or by local agencies? If by local agencies, what are they? For Asia and China, we decided to come closer to the customer, in order to take into account the specificities of this area.

  • It is also my pleasure to be here. I know you for so many years and it is great opportunity to talk to you. Last year we are No.1 in the booth. And this year we have three focuses: First, Smart city, which is about how the smart tech change the daily life of people with all the convenience we can bring

  • Ms Suzanne Tong-Li,Senior VP, Secure Transactions Business Unit from Gemalto
    Here we focus on the main application, especially focus on the convergence. If I try to classify the different business unit, we have focused on the MFS—Mobile



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